About Talos IoT

Talos is a company focused on leveraging cutting edge technology to monitor and manage HVAC performance.

Forever watching over and protecting the people

In Greek mythology, Talos was an automated giant made of bronze that protected Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders. Today, Talos monitoring devices protect commercial HVAC systems from catastrophic failure while improving efficiency.

We’ve been in operations since 2021 helping companies of all sizes and industries drive operational efficiencies through reduced energy consumption that yields reduced cost and cuts carbon emissions. Our innovative patented solutions identify issues and help our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year while helping protect the mechanical integrity of HVAC systems and the environment.


Michael Scelzi

Michael Scelzi

CEO & President

With 30+ years of experience in HVAC systems and a veteran entrepreneur, Mike is the epitome of a leader. We are proud to have Mike at the front.

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