Air Filter Monitoring

A check engine light for your air filters.

We will change no filter until its time.

The Talos Air Filter Monitoring system can now be purchased as a standalone product for our customers focused on reducing cost and ensuring optimal air quality in their buildings. The system uses easy to install IoT sensors and our patented algorithms to monitor HVAC air filters 24 hours a day. We notify you when they need to be replaced with alerts delivered instantly to your phone so you only change the filters when necessary.

We will change no filter until its time.
Optimal Time to Change a Filter

Most building owners don’t realize the cost associated with changing air filters at the wrong time. Change them before they are dirty and blocking airflow and you often double your filter costs every year. Change them too late and you can triple your HVAC operating cost due to higher energy cost and wear on the system due to longer runtimes.

Time-Based vs. Optimized Schedule Chart
Optimal Time to Change Filter

Poor timing leads to unnecessary changing of air filters


Real time alerts can prevent large hidden costs you otherwise would miss


Simultaneous predictive monitoring of HVAC and air quality


It is impossible to time filter replacements without Talos

24 hour automated monitoring and direct alerts right to your phone when it’s time to change your filter

Poorly timed air filter changes can result in possible health complications of tenants