Case Studies

Case Study 1

Talos Guardian Product Test Showcases 25% Savings & System Efficiency Improvements


Annual saving in utility expense


HVAC failures

12 Weeks


A 12-week test was conducted across three multi-ton units (two 25-ton units and one 30-ton unit for a 30,000 square foot facility) provided data and diagnostics on a range of HVAC functions:

Refrigerant problems

Economy efficacy

Compressor damage, under performance and overtaxing

Condensor fan motor failures

Findings and Stats

All three units operated 24 x 7, average age of units was 3 years

Refrigerant problems found in two units

Economizers were set incorrectly or failed

Compressor damage due to operating while outdoor temperatures were 60F or below

One compressor was underperforming while other two were over taxed

One compressor started and stopped every three-minutes causing permanent damage

One failed condenser fan motor


After addressing the uncovered mechanical and performance problems, the HVAC units are expected to each their 15-year life expectancy. Talos delivered a significant savings and a quick ROI.

Case Study 2

Talos Guardian Helps Reduce HVAC Unit Downtime

A circuit shorted out and tripped a main break on a 30-ton unit at a manufacturing facility. Talos immediately sent an alert that a critical unit had a problem. The third shift maintenance team was able to repair it before the start of the new work day and there was no loss of product or costly downtime.


The facility manage slept soundly and arrive to find everything in order. After addressing the uncovered mechanical by continuous monitoring, unit is to reach its 15-year life expectancy. Talos delivered a significant savings and a quick ROI.