Respond to Alerts Instead of Reacting to Emergencies

Preventative maintenance contracts are a cornerstone of every building, but you only have “eyes” on the equipment 4 times per year, measuring pressures and temperatures— the equipment never breaks during appointments. Talos does the same readings 7 x 24 x 365 days per year.

Talos is a wireless monitoring system for building owners and managers who want to know about HVAC maintenance problems the moment they arise. This breakthrough innovation is based on 13 patents and over 30 years experience in building system 


Talos installs in about 30 minutes, utilizes an encrypted wireless network and reports data immediately after installation.

Talos utilizes automated machine learning to benchmark each system, identifies specific problems immediately, and delivers work orders in 90 seconds. 

Talos is changing the HVAC industry as we know it. We’d love to reduce your operating costs and help you meet your goals. 


Let’s schedule a demo and see how Talos can help you.

In short 

  • Talos reduces preventative maintenance costs and labor costs

  • Talos reduces operating costs

  • Talos optimizes system performance and prolongs the life of the HVAC unit 



  • Significant savings over
    quarterly PM contracts—
    40-60% cost reduction

  • No extra work, seamless & wireless

  • No dashboard, no software to learn… Talos sends an alert via text/email and you swipe
    ‘yes’ to fix or ‘no’ to ignore

  • Integrates with your BAS system automatically

  • Monitors HVAC efficiency in
    eal-time = no energy waste

  • System automatically triages alerts based on severity/settings

  • Protects building assets

  • Sustainable technology

  • Peace of mind


What Does Talos Measure/Monitor?

  • Operating costs per hour (excessive)

  • Heating/cooling performance

  • Compressor performance/condition

  • Condenser fan

  • Refrigerant leak

  • Dirty coil &/or filter