Sales Representative

HVAC Service Sales Closers
Seeking an experienced and results-driven salesperson for Talos, a cloud-native internet of things (IoT) start-up. We run automated fault detection and diagnostics as a service for commercial HVAC and other critical equipment.

Today, 60% of all HVACs don’t work very well. For the most part no one notices until they stop making hot (or cold) air. So they keep chugging along until they break entirely and the building becomes uninhabitable. But we don’t accept that behavior from anything else. You don’t just drive your car into the ground, or chomp your teeth until they fall out. Why do we accept this behavior from something as critical as HVAC?

One reason is that it’s difficult and expensive to check on your HVAC. Your car has a “check engine” light to tell you immediately if something is wrong but a person has to visit the HVAC (which is often somewhere inconvenient) and take a lot of time assessing the system. Talos is changing the industry. 

We’re looking for the best to join our forward-thinking team. Qualifications:
• Highly motivated, determined, and target driven
• Proven closer in the sales environment
• Experience with high volume clients (industrials, manufacturers, etc. with large footprints)
• Familiarity with facilities management/commercial HVAC maintenance

Considerable earnings opportunity: six figure commission per 100,000 tons procured under Talos preventative maintenance agreements. Contract at 100% commission to hire (full-time), start in 2021.