Retrofitting and Monitoring Existing HVAC Systems

In Accordance with ASHRAE Guidelines

Existing equipment is able to be retrofitted within engineering constraints.
Clients will need to determine between HEPA and MERV16A filtration requirements.

Monitoring of each HVAC unit is critical for equipment health, predictive filter maintenance, and run logs to assure compliance with ASHRAE guidelines.


  • Talos algorithms ensure fans are not pushed
    beyond their limit


  • Talos predicts when filters need to be
    changed based on actual conditions


  • Talos can handle HEPA design constraints
    such as ‘500 FPM through filter and avoid the
    flat portion of fan curve.’


  • 24 x7 run logs for each piece of equipment
    (based on ASHRAE guidelines). 


  • Proves that building management has taken proactive steps to ensure the safety of building occupants and provides a legal audit trail
    supported by data.


  • Illustration of how Talos handles data overload.


  • Change the filter based on performance, not the calendar—Talos measures the pressure drop across the filter and alerts when it exceeds specifications.

  • Don’t overload your motors—There is an increased risk failure due to HEPA filters putting more strain on the mechanical systems. Talos monitors electric usage and will pick up any potential overloads to avoid system damage.

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