Talos monitors your HVAC 24 x 7

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If a problem is found, an alert is sent via text/email


Details are accessible via your work order manager and/or the Talos dashboard

Location + Diagnosis + Specifications

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A monitoring system for building owners and managers who want to know about maintenance problems the moment they arise. Talos is a closed feedback loop that follows through on every step of the repair process 
including opening and 
closing work orders. 


  • Reports HVAC efficiency in real-time

  • Monitors refrigerant charge to ensure leaks are caught immediately

  • Monitors indoor/outdoor heat exchangers for 
performance and to 
ensure preventative 
maintenance is performed

  • Alarms you if heating or 
cooling is required and
    doesn’t happen


  • Monitors power to each
    HVAC unit


  • Sensor opens work order
    and closes 
    work order



Zach Richter, Director of Sales


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