Full Stack Developer

Talos is a cloud-native internet of things (IoT) start-up. We run automated fault detection and diagnostics as a service for HVAC and other critical equipment.

Today, 60% of all air conditioners (HVACs) don’t work very well. Your HVAC is probably one of them. For the most part no one notices until they stop making cold air. So they keep chugging along until they break entirely and the building becomes uninhabitable. But we don’t accept that behavior from anything else. You don’t just drive your car into the ground, or chomp your teeth until they fall out. Why do we accept this behavior from something as critical as HVAC? One reason is that it’s difficult and expensive to check on your HVAC. Your car has a “check engine” light to tell you immediately if something is wrong but a person has to visit the HVAC (which is often somewhere inconvenient) and take a lot of time assessing the system.

We’re trying to change all that. It may sound like a simple problem, but in order to make it simple for the people in the building there’s a number of juicy technical problems we’ve had to solve. We repurposed best-of-breed DevOps tools and turned them outward to monitor real world equipment. We manufacture bleeding-edge IoT embedded systems to get data streaming out of the big metal boxes it’s currently trapped in. We craft machine learning models to inspect those datastreams and spot misbehaving machinery. 

But we’re far from done and we’re looking for the best to join us. You’ll work with a forward thinking team that takes a practical approach to problem solving. Nothing is off-limits and there is no such thing as “we’ve always done it that way” so bring your most incisive ideas. We take an iterative start-up mentality to improving every aspect of the business. So if you have the technical chops and want to help pull a $200 Billion industry into the digital age then join our growing team.


  • Back end: PHP and python

  • Front end: HTML5 and JavaScript

  • Strong command of coding and testing best practices.
    Experience with automated testing and testing frameworks (e.g. PHPUnit)

  • PostgreSQL

  • AWS services: EC2, S3, Aurora

  • Version control using Git

  • Windows server

  • Drives projects to completion

  • Able to prioritize workloads



  • Experience running an IoT fleet of remote field devices communicating with a cloud server

  • Knowledge of serial communications such as Modbus

  • A basic understanding of electricity (i.e. single-phase vs. three-phase, what reactive power is, etc.) 

  • Reactive web tools and techniques

  • Javascript framework (e.g. React or Angular)

  • Tooling and techniques for running a CI/CD pipeline

  • Experience administering a Linux server

  • Docker and Docker-Compose

  • DevOps mindset and grasp of common tools: Grafana, Ansible, Terraform

  • Ability to design for robustness and high-availability

  • Office 365 support 

  • Zoho or similar enterprise software packages

    Contract to hire (full-time). On-site work with remote options, must be available for meetings and make deadlines. Flexible schedule. Medical benefits and paid time off.