Annual Saving in Utility Expense


HVAC Failures

12 Weeks


A 12-week test was conducted across three multi-ton units (two 25-ton units and one 30-ton unit for a 30,000 square foot facility) provided data and diagnostics on a range of HVAC functions:

  • Refrigerant problems
  • Economy efficacy
  • Compressor damage, under performance and overtaxing
  • Condensor fan motor failures
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Findings and Stats

  • All three units operated 24 x 7, average age of units was 3 years
  • Refrigerant problems found in two units
  • Economizers were set incorrectly or failed
  • Compressor damage due to operating while outdoor temperatures were 60F or below
  • One compressor was underperforming while other two were over taxed
  • One compressor started and stopped every three-minutes causing permanent damage
  • One failed condenser fan motor


After addressing the uncovered mechanical and performance problems, the HVAC units are expected to reach their 15-year life expectancy. Talos delivered a significant savings and a quick ROI.