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From Talos IoT
The Guardian

Designed with your home in mind.

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Tired of not knowing if the air your breathing is clean?

The Hidden Concerns

Most people don't realize that the dirty air they're breathing is doing consistent and long term damage to their body

Poor air quality can cause short term and longer term health issues

Without a preventative alert system in place, an unforeseen HVAC replacement can cost you thousands

It's incredibly hard to notice these issues before they become a very serious concern

Asthma or other respiratory issues are actually exacerbated by tiny unseen particles in the air

The Hidden Benefits of a Guardian Enabled Home

Why These Problems Should Be a Thing of The Past

You shouldn’t have to wait till you start coughing or get a high energy bill to know your home HVAC is not working properly. Know real-time.

You shouldn't have to spend your hard earned money to heat and cool your home (an unexpected high energy bill)

You shouldn't have to worry about an unexpected outage in the dead of winter or the heat of summer

You shouldn't have to worry about contributing to global warming caused by an inefficient heating and cooling of your home

You shouldn't have to worry about the negative health effects that dirty air can have on your family

The Ultimate Smart Home Health Solution

What Sets The Guardian Apart From
Other Smart Home Devices

It's the little things

Ability to monitor dirty air filter, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide, and much more.

24 hour automated monitoring and direct alerts right to your phone

Sleek, compact, low profile

Simultaneous predictive monitoring of HVAC and air quality

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I had no idea the CO2 in my house was reaching far beyond healthy home standards, and I didn’t even know I needed to worry about CO2 buildup until Talos. Talos is easy, intuitive, and cuts a lot of the headache out of home monitoring.

The Guardian is super-easy to use, fast, and the support has been great. I couldn't recommend it enough.
Patrick R.
Florida resident

Getting started with your Guardian is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Grab The Guardian Puck

It's as simple as point, purchase, and we'll do the rest to get your puck delivered straight to your door.

We are available via email or phone to answer any of your questions.

Secure 256 bit military grade secure checkout.

Use our simple online checkout to get the Guardian shipped to the address of your choice.

Fast and FREE shipping in 3-5 business days (When puck becomes available).

Guardian Enabled Home

2. Installation

An installation so simple you should be able to do it blindfolded!

1. Remove your Guardian from the box and pull the red tab

3.Make sure your bluetooth is ready

2. Wait for the green light and then go to the Guardian website and type in your ID number

4. Place the Guardian onto the air vent with your filter. Relax, you're done!

The Healthiest Home on the Block!

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind And a Healthy Home

With a hands off approach to home health, you can relax knowing your home is now secured with the Guardian.

Reduce health issues like asthma being burdened by hidden health hazards.

True peace of mind knowing you're helping your family become healthier by the day.

Effortless maintenance with the Talos app.

Reduce unforeseen HVAC outages costing thousands, and say hello to utility bill savings!

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