Smart Savings Strategy:

Streamline Commercial HVAC Maintenance Today!

Save thousands on your energy bills with Talos Air Filter Monitoring

Effortless control, remote monitoring, and automated HVAC assistance at your fingertips.

The Talos Guardian system uses easy to install Iot sensors to quickly detect critical HVAC-R issues and degrading performance problems. Our patented technology monitors your system and instantly sends alerts to your phone with the needed diagnostic data so issues can be quickly addressed.

It’s like having a tech watching your unit 24 hours a day!

Drive down cost and increase tenant comfort and satisfaction. The Talos monitoring solution empowers you to take control, leading to significant cost savings. Enjoy comfort without compromise while watching your monthly expenses shrink.

24% Lower Maintenance Costs

Lower costs will keep you in the black.

71% Fewer Breakdowns

Fewer breakdowns ensures more uptime.

49% Less Unplanned Outages

Fewer outages equals more savings.

Reduce HVAC operating expenses & increase<br />
‍ tenant comfort

Companies we work with.

We’re proud of our national partnerships that represent commercial, manufacturing and retailers that use Talos.

Talos - Companies we work with

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Request a demo or get any questions answered. Our team is ready to help you understand the impact Talos can have on reducing your OPEX and increase tenant satisfaction. Also Talos data can aid in any ESG or sustainability goals or reporting.