Reduce HVAC operating expenses & increase
tenant comfort

Reduce HVAC operating expenses & increase tenant comfort

The Talos Guardian system uses easy to install Iot sensors to quickly detect critical HVAC-R issues and degrading performance problems. Our patented technology monitors your system and instantly sends alerts to your phone with the needed diagnostic data so issues can be quickly addressed.
It’s like having a tech watching your unit 24 hours a day!

Cost Savings


Real Time

Drive down cost and increase tenant comfort and satisfaction.

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Maintenance Costs

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Unplanned Outages

See How Talos Can Help You

Request a demo or get any questions answered. Our team is ready to help you understand the impact Talos can have on reducing your OPEX and increase tenant satisfaction. Also Talos data can aid in any ESG or sustainability goals or reporting.


Building Owners


Facility Managers


HVAC Contractors


  • Simple wireless installation
  • Pays for itself quickly
  • Easy to use, no software
  • 99.95% accurate
  • Wireless & encrypted
  • Doesn't use client WiFi

Not a B.A.S.

BAS can't predict a condenser fan motor failure due to locked rotor amps, alert via phone, or check stock at a local supply house for the part.

Companies We Work With

We are proud of our national partnerships that represent commercial, manufacturing and retailers that use Talos.


Quote | Testimonials

An alert for a critical MRI HVAC unit was sent to our team on Saturday from TalosIoT, we fixed the system Sunday. The MRI folks were very happy since they had a full schedule. Without Talos we would never have known the system was down until it was too late. Talos literally saved the day.

Chief Engineer Mr. Lee Hogate
RMR Group
Quote | Testimonials

We have had a great experience with Talos, the technology is incredible and now I can manage many buildings while delivering better tenant experiences.

Director of Operations
Commercial R.E. Brokerage Firm
Quote | Testimonials

The system Talos has given us has been very helpful... Being in the medical grow industry keeping temps under control 24/7 is extremely important and their product has given us warnings ahead of time preventing downtime... 5 stars

Mike Mosconi
Director of Facilities

Peace of mind knowing all systems are working efficiently


Have the right part at the right time


Reduce the anxiety of not knowing when the next failure will happen

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