Save thousands on your energy bills with Talos Air Filter Monitoring

The Talos Air Filter Monitoring system can now be purchased as an stand alone product for our customers focused on reducing cost and ensuring optimal air quality in their buildings. The system uses easy to install Iot sensors and our patented algorithms to monitor HVAC air filters 24 hours a day. We notify you when they need to be replaced with alerts delivered instantly to your phone so you only change the filters when necessary.

The Hidden Costs

Most building owners don't realize the cost associated with changing air filters at the wrong time.  Change them before they are dirty and blocking airflow and you often double your filter costs every year. Change them too late and you can triple your HVAC operating cost due to higher energy cost and wear on the system due to longer runtimes.

Poor timing leads to unnecessary changing of air filters

Real time alerts can prevent large hidden costs you otherwise would miss

24 hour automated monitoring and direct alerts right to your phone when it's time to change your filter

Simultaneous predictive monitoring of HVAC and air quality

It is incredibly difficult to time these without an IoT system in place

Poorly timed air filter changes can result in possible health complications of tenants

"We have had a great experience with Talos, the technology is incredible and now I can manage many buildings while delivering better tenant experiences."

Jeff Compton
Director of Operations

Getting started with your Talos Alert System is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Contact Talos today

It's as simple as hitting the learn more button, filling out the form, and we'll schedule a call to see how much you could be saving.

We are available via email or phone to answer any of your questions.

Secure 256 bit military grade secure form.

Use the simple online form to tell us some information about your business

Within 48 hours someone from Talos will reach out to you to schedule a call.

2. Installation

An installation so simple you should be able to do it blindfolded!

1. The Talos sesnors are sent to your Mechanical Contractor or Engineer

3. The systems starts reporting immediately to monitor performance

2. The system installs in just 15 minutes and performs diagnostic checks

4. You're done! 

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind and a Cost Efficient Building

With a hands off approach, you can relax knowing your building is now cost efficient with Talos

Real time text alerts straight to your phone

True peace of mind knowing you're helping your tenants stay comfortable and breathing healthier by the day.

Effortless diagnosis with the Talos alerts allowing Mechanical Engineers to immediately engage knowing what the issue is

Reduce unforeseen expenses and save thousands on utility bills.

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